Friday, June 27, 2008

New tut using Just Beachy kit

Wanted to let you know I have a tutorial up using my Just Beachy scrap kit. You can find it on my tutorial site, it's called "Just Beachy Forum Set" Yeah, I know, I come up with the most clever tutorial names ever :D Anyway, this tutorial is to make a forum set, hope you like it :)

You can find my tutorial site here:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Donation Button

I have added a donation button on the right. I originally got into making the kits in hopes of eventually selling them and earning a little money (I have to support my PSP addiction somehow lol). I am a SAHM mom, and we all know that the cost of living is moving up higher than wages right now. But for now, I like making the free kits, so I figured I'd keep doing that and just throw that donation button up there. If you want to leave a $1 or $2 I appreciate it very very very much, but if you can't or don't feel the need to donate - I love you equally! :) Any money donated will first be used to buy some commercial use bows and elements that I kind of suck at making, and after that put towards my real life needs and wants...

New Kit - Orchids

So - I like to cruise looking at the pictures waiting to be inspired. I stumbled across a picture of beautiful orchids and viola - inspiration :) I still don't like / am not too good at making frames, but there are about a half dozen in the kit. One is included both as a PNG and as a PSP file, in case you want to utilize the layers.
I am still playing around with the elements, trying some different stuff. I tried making a ribbon, but wasn't too thrilled with it. I threw it in the kit, but didn't make any more. So, all that to say that the kits are a work in progress, and any advice, pointers, and/or constructive criticism is welcome!
Once again, papers are in the tagger sized kit only, as they are only 600x600 and 72 dpi. There are a few papers not included in the previews. And of course, I didn't preview the frames again. :) Dropshadows are only on the previews.

Click here to download the tagger sized kit.

Click here to download the full sized kit (no papers).
Feel free to share the link to my blog through any groups or with your friends, but please do not share the download link. Also, please do not share my kits, in full or in part. If you know someone that would like it, just send them here please. THANKS!

Monday, June 2, 2008

What's "tagger sized"?

Because it was asked - let me answer :)
Tagger sized papers are generally 600x600 (sometimes a little bigger), and 72 dpi. They are used by those of us who make signature tags, and are not suitable for printing out and scrapbooking with. I think they could be used for smaller scale digital scrapbooking, but since I don't digi-scrap, I can't stay for sure.
I tried making the larger papers, but it makes my program run sooooooooooo slowly, I just gave up. :(
Hope that helps!
(All my files are saved as .png so they can be used in Paint Shop or Photo Shop.)