Monday, July 21, 2008

New kit coming soon!

I have finally finished my newest kit - Lotus - now all I have to do is make the previews. Previews take me forever (and I'm still not very good at them!), so it will probably be tomorrow before I get the kit up. But I did want to go ahead and whet your appetite, so I am posting the color palette and a mask I created to go with the kit. The kit is full of stuff, but I do plan on making a couple of add-ons for it because it has been so much fun! I am hoping to also do a spin off kit, still with the Indian / Hindu flavor, but using a different color palette - so I sure hope you like this one! :)
Anyway - this is the color palette for "Lotus"
And here is the mask - just right click and save to your mask folder!

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