Saturday, February 14, 2009

Donate to Beanies for Baghdad - Get FREE Kits!!

Okay everyone, in case you don't know, I am married to a police officer and I am a member of an awesome site called police We are currently having a fundraising / donation drive for Beanies for Baghdad. This is a wonderful program that everyone (yes, even if you don't approve of the war in Iraq) can be proud to be a part of. What do they do? They solicit donations of beanie babies, stuffed animals, clothes, sports equipment (think soccer balls), and small toys. They then send those items to our service men and women serving in Iraq, and the soldiers pass those toys along to the children of Iraq. This is great for many reasons - 1) these kids have next to nothing, so the gift of a toy or soccer ball means a lot to them 2) it helps build good relations between the military and the Iraqi people, to show them that we DO care about the people of Iraq and 3) the better relations result in more cooperation in tipping off our soldiers to potential dangers such as ambushes and roadside bombs, which means that you may potentially be helping to save the lives of service men and women. To learn more, visit their website HERE.

So, what can you do to help, and what am I going to do for you?

Well, if you donate at least $3.00, you will get your choice of any ONE of my PTU kits! But wait, there's more!
Donate at least $3, get your choice of 1 of my PTU kits.
Donate at least $5, get your choice of any 2 of my PTU kits.
Donate at least $10, get your choice of any 5 of my PTU kits!
AND - everyone who donates at least $3 will be put into a drawing.
On March 5th I will draw 2 names - 1 person will win every PTU kit I've released at the time of the drawing (at least 7 kits!!) and 1 person will choose the color palette for my next kit and get it for free!
This offer is only good until March 4th, midnight Central standard US time.
Donate using this paypal button -

Be sure to include your email address and your choice of kit(s). I will email your kit(s) to you within 48 hours.
Thank you for helping me support this amazing cause!!
100% of donations (after paypal fees) will go directly to Beanies for Baghdad!

Feel free to share the link to my blog through any groups or with your friends, but please do not share the download link. Also, please do not share my kits, in full or in part. If you know someone that would like it, just send them here please. THANKS!


Debbie said...

Hi Tanya, that is an amazing thing you are doing to help the children in Baghdad. People forget the kids in these conflicts. I will make adonation on pay day (Friday) as i think you are doing an amazing thing, love and angel blessings xxx

Renee said...

I used to work for the police department here in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I know how tight cops and their families are. It's really wonderful to see and be around and I really miss working there. Anyway, thank you for posting the link to the beanies for baghdad site. I have tons of stuffed animals I will be donating. I think it's a wonderful cause. I'd rather donate them and bring a smile to a childs face than let them gather dust on my shelf.

Thanks also for your wondeful kits. I may not be able to purchase very many but I love them just the same. Keep up the awesome work you do.