Saturday, March 21, 2009 Join Forces With Beanies For Baghdad

For those of you who participated in the Beanies for Baghdad promo I ran, I thought you might be interested in seeing this. The winners of the drawing will be announced tomorrow - I'm sorry they're late, I've been busy here lately... Join Forces With Beanies For Baghdad

By recently held a drive to collect stuffed animals, toys, and school supplies in conjunction with Beanies for Baghdad.

For_Immediate_Release:, the number one website for the spouses of law enforcement officers worldwide, recently joined forces with the non-profit group Beanies for Baghdad to collect stuffed animals, toys, and school supplies to send to US troops serving overseas. These items are given to children in war torn countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan to encourage positive relations. By giving these children a favorable interaction with US troops, we increase the chances that they will remember that experience. These children are the future leaders of their war torn countries, and programs like Beanies for Baghdad could very well lead to alliances between the US and Iraq or Afghanistan. collected more then 450 stuffed animals, 70 toy cars or trucks, 100 miscellaneous school supplies, 15 bags of candy, 100 beanies, 50 small toys, and much more. Everything collected will be sent to three different units and will provide those units with the specific supplies they have requested.

For more information, please visit and
Feel free to share the link to my blog through any groups or with your friends, but please do not share the download link. Also, please do not share my kits, in full or in part. If you know someone that would like it, just send them here please. THANKS!

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