Thursday, April 23, 2009

New venture for me :)

So, if you notice fewer scraps from me - there's a good reason! I've started a part time job - no - don't faint! I'm really excited about this new job, because it allows me flexible hours and I am helping ladies like me AND I am making a little money too! Win/Win huh? Yep :) I am now an official Surprise Lady - and I am selling "lotions, potions, and fun love stuff" - Nice, huh? :D So, if you wanna check it out - I have started a blog and a facebook page for the new biz. And I will ALWAYS have some kind of special running on either the blog or facebook, or both, so bookmark them if you like getting great deals :) Here are the links to the new sites, I hope you check them out!

Webstore -

Surprise Parties blog -

Facebook -

I hope you ladies (and guys??) check it out and share it with your friends! In the meantime, I'm gonna really really try to get a mother's day kit out soon - and there will be a freebie of course!

Feel free to share the link to my blog through any groups or with your friends, but please do not share the download link. Also, please do not share my kits, in full or in part. If you know someone that would like it, just send them here please. THANKS!

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