Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fangtasia Blog Train Has Departed!

Choo, choo! The Fangtasia blog train has just left the station. Grab your boarding pass and get ready for a wicked ride!

Click the preview of my contribution to download. The rest of the stops are linked below. Please remember, with time differences around the world, midnight to you may not be midnight to someone else, so be sure to check back if you've beaten the train to a particular station.

Toni's Scraparoni
A Taggers Scrap
Sophisticated Scraps
Digicats (and Dogs)
Scrapsbyj0eswife <---You are here
Kirsty's Scraps
Missy Lynn'S Scraps & Tuts

by Silky

Designs by
Funky Fever

Tyger's Tidbits
InToxxiKated InTenTionz
Hutch's Baby FIC Scraps
Nette and Sherra's Scraps
Disya's Digital Designs
Kissed Scrapz

Crystal's Cottage Scraps
Gothic Inspirations

Feel free to share the link to my blog through any groups or with your friends, but please do not share the download link. Also, please do not share my kits, in full or in part. If you know someone that would like it, just send them here please. THANKS!


Digicats said...

Fangs a bunch Tanya!

xXxHyPoxXx said...

Thankyou!!! awesome work

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, beautiful!

Wendy in Az. said...

Great set, thank you so much!!

Gothic Inspirations said...

Whooo hot...I love it hun. Thank you so much for sharing. And thank you for adding me to the blog roll. Xox Jessica

§apphyre said...

thank you SO much :)

LadyMauve said...

Thanks for creating and sharing your portion of the Fangtasia blog train.

Tammy P said...

Woohoo - thanks for another great share!

Debbie said...

Hi Tanya,

This is outstanding. really love the work you do. Your poser is awesome.

love and angel blessings xxx

clubiani said...

thanks so much for your awesome contribution!

§apphyre said...

awesome kit! Thank you for sharing it on the train :)

cheekylala said...

Thanks so much for sharing! =)